Sunday, November 25, 2012

4 meters / 70 MHz 1/2 wave antenna.

For a long while i own a Ascom SE550... And i installed it in my shack, and it has been happilly hanging under a shelf next to my Kenwood TM-733e....

Well it was not that happy i think.. reason be the lack of an antenna....

I did not want to just walk in the store and buy one because i like to build antenna's to see if i can make something as good as a "professional" supplier. So i started to search for a design on internet and found....   by by Ross Wilkinson G6GVI .

So i started to build one , but i could not seem to get it just right.... I could not get it to a SWR under 1:2.
Nothing els left to do then walk over to my neighbour (also a ham amateur) and tell him he would be without his mfj antenna analyser for the next few days.
Now this is never a problem, so i hooked up the MFJ and started to find a sweet spot for the coil, and experimented with different trimmers. Until i hit something which was good enough for me...

After getting to this... and yes i know it is not 1:1 and it is not 50 Ohm... but sufficient for what i want to do with it.
The guts of it look like this......

The door it is in front of is the entrance to my shack :)
Ok, this smal project is done, now back to focussing on my Bitx20!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Busy,busy, busy,busy, aaarrrrgggghhhhh

Hello all....

I think the title of this post says it all.......

Lately my work has grasped all of my free time. doing 6 days a week , 10+ hours a day..... 3 to 4 hours commute.... Well you can imagine that this sucks all the energy you have out of you... if you can't... let me assure you , it does.

As some of you all have already gotten in touch with me if i plan to finish the Bitx soon... Let me assure you i have no intention to finish it tomorrow, but i do intend to continue in a steady pace...
It is allready annoying me i did not spend any time at it for the last 2 months.

In the mean time i did finish an antenna (quick project) which i will write about soon.

Keep posted... more new posts are on the way!