Sunday, July 28, 2013

No news ??.... No... no news.....

Hello all.....

Just wanted to post a little thing here explaining why there has been no news about the vfo/pa of my bitx, or any other news to be honest....

Well , there are 2 main reasons......

We have had some horrible weather lately.... the temperature refused to drop below 24c at night , and during the day temperatures exceeded 30c easily.... and i am not kidding you... we had an official heatwave.....
And to make my life a complete living hell..... this upcoming week there will be an even hotter heatwave.....

Now I can hear you guys think , but its 45c here and its fine..... yeah it would be if the humidity is LOW.....
Well not here in Holland.... humidity is high.... so you start sweating from places you never imagined you could sweat out off....

The average temperature in my shack has been around 35c all week.... No, I am not entering that room!!! TOO <fill in favourite swear word here> HOT......

Maybe a field day soon when temperatures drop a little...

Reason 2 entered our house last tuesday.....
And her name is Myra......

She has a lot of energy and runs around 24/7...... she's 9 1/2 weeks old....
Alya , our 3 yrs old cat had a lot of adjusting to do , but as I am writing this post, just 4 full days after we got the little one , she seems to be doing OK , and slowly starts to play... or set hierarchy between them.... sometimes hard to see with the older one as she has no idea that playing wit an animal 1/4 of her weight should be a little more careful sometimes.....

I hope the temperature drops below 30 soon in my shack so i can post techy stuff again :)


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Again a new toy in the shack... A LCR meter

Saturday my new gadget arrived in the mail....

A LCR meter......

It is a Vichy DM4070.... i never.... and i realy mean NEVER ever heard of this brand.....
Well until Hans, PD0AC told me to get this one....
It costs close to nothing..... The cheapest on is $24.90 !!!

And i do understand why now.. looks and feels very rugged... And for accuracy ... the tolerance of a capacitor itself outweighs the tolerance of the DM4070...

I did not use it yet to see how it all works but that will not take too long, i'm sure....

for the techies... some shameless copy from ebay....

Technical data:   
Basic function
Basic accuracy
20 Ω
200 Ω/2k Ω/20k Ω/200k Ω
20M Ω

Special function
Low battery indication
Approx. less than 7.5V
capacitor discharge protect
Auto power off
It will power down about 20 minutes if no any measure.
Function protect
Anti-shock protect
Sampling rate
0~ 5s
Operation way
Manual range
Max. display
LCD size
9V (6F22)
Power dissipation
Quiescent current approx. 6mA
General characteristic:

 0.65 LB (including battery)
Meter size
7-1/4" x 3-5/8" x 1-3/8"

untill the next post.....