Sunday, May 20, 2012

Links on my blog....

When i started this blog, i already noticed that i got hits from other HAM's blogs and sites...
I think the links on each page pointing out other interesting blog's/site's is a great thing.

So i now try to put more effort in getting on people's link pages, and i try to add as much useful links to other people on my links page.
If you want to be mentioned on my link page, please let me know by dropping me an email,comment, or any other message, and i'll add you as soon as i can...



BITX20 - 15. Building the external vfo

I ordered my bitx20 including the LCD frequency counter option.
At that point Sunil included a pcb for a vfo that works together with the frequency counter.

So i started to build this. As no components were included, you have to gather all parts yourself.
My component stock is no where near big , but with the basic stock i have, it almost filled the complete PCB

The components that i am missing are not uncommon ..... i think....
Just som capacitors, 1 coil, variable capacitors, diodes, etc....
So whe i am going to a small hamfair upcomming saturday, i hope to get al parts i need.
If not i still have some ham friends, or online suppliers that can supply me with the parts needed.