Saturday, March 19, 2016

Yaesu FTM-100DE : Stop the presses!! Alex, PA1SBM is going digital !!!

Stop the presses and go to def-con 1 !!!!

For those who know me this will be a huge shock.... for which i want to apologize in advance.
Today was one of the biggest ham-fests in the Netherlands (or Holland for people who do not realize we're not a province of Germany)
And on this ham-fest i bought a new dual-band transceiver which is capable of C4FM/FDMA, also better known as system fusion. It's the YAESU FTM-100DE .

I never cared at all for any digital modes what so ever.... But system fusion is different.....
It's different in that it does not rule out analogue. It detects it by itself.
And somehow it gives me a totally different gut feeling then d-Star or DMR. Also not having to register at any "authority" is a great plus in my humble opinion too....

So i will make an in debt post about this radio as well..... but for now just the first impressions....

I have 2 MAJOR points......

  1. I always said that having to buy software to program your radio from the manufacturer is complete bullshit.... add it to the price and make it free. That the cable costs money i can understand, but IMHO the software should be free.
    ALL HAIL YAESU !!! with the set, a free piece of software, AND A "FREE" CABLE!!!
    Yaesu, you guys rock !! spot on! A+++ service. (ofc the cable is included in the price, but it's now an option... AWESOME!)
  2. Yaesu... WTF... no i have to spell it out WHAT THE F*CK were you thinking ???
    A SO-239 connector on the back for 70cm in EUROPE?!?!?!
    HELLO!!!!!! we use N-connectors over here!!!!.. you bunch of..... AAARRRGGGHHH
    All the HAM's over here now have to buy a pl-239 to N adapter....
    Well , not me, i'm ordering a N-chassis connector and i am swapping it out.

I fiddled around about 15 minutes with the set, and 15 minutes with the software. looks ok so far, and i really like the display, i'm 100% sure the readability of this display in a car is awesome.
Ohh and did i mention build in APRS?? This set is quite loaded with goodies for a great price...

I will play around with it a few weeks and write something more in depth after.

until then!


  1. Hi Alex, bedankt voor het attent maken op dit setje. Ziet er zeer leuk uit qua mogelijkheden. Zeer benieuwd naar je ervaring.

  2. Alex going digital. It's like a traffic cop yelling at you that you have to break the speed limit, "or else". Or politicians who suddenly keep their promises.

    SO-239 should be just fine for you. Stop complaining. After all, you have a President CB radio too, so you're quite familiar with that type of connector!

    1. Hans,

      Quoting president "Welcome to the world of the most sophisticated
      microprocessor controlled Amateur radios." So your statement of "CB" is incorrect. :)

      I am familiar with pl-239 in HF... not in UHF.....
      Now grab one of those chassis N connectors you have and come bring it to me... i'll make you a good cup of coffee in return....